Some light reading to get you on your 6% Journey

How to change your life, all with three words.

Three Words that will Change Your Life

Let’s face it: change is hard. Why do so many of us struggle to go from intention to action? From a scientific perspective, procrastination is our brain’s way of managing stress. Designed to protect us, our brains stop us from doing things that could be

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people can change

Can We Change for a Change?

Have you ever tried to shed an old and really annoying habit? Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution that you couldn’t keep? If so, welcome to the human race and welcome to your brain. The more we do something—eat chips while watching TV,

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How to handle uncertainty when there's a lot of change.

How to Create An Actionable Plan For Change

Are you struggling to get people on board when it comes to embracing change in your organization? If you’re nodding your head you’re not alone. Two brutal facts: One, Organizational Change is the new normal for leadership success and all leaders must accept this fact.

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