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Let’s face it: change is hard. Why do so many of us struggle to go from intention to action? From a scientific perspective, procrastination is our brain’s way of managing stress. Designed to protect us, our brains stop us from doing things that could be stressful – because the brain processes stress as a threat. To create change, we need to change the way we think. Based on research, repeating to ourselves a sentence that will wire us to do what we need in order to succeed, rewire our thoughts and behavior. The best sentence to use for that consists of three words only- GET IT DONE. Those three words will change your life.

What we are actually doing by repeating that sentence to ourselves every time we procrastinate, waste time and avoid tasks that will carry us forward, is using language in order to change behavior patterns. You see, our language reflects our subconscious perception of ourselves and the world around us. If I say to myself- “I am just not very productive” or “I feel so overwhelmed”, this directly affects the way that I think and behave.

On the other end, if I just say to myself, over and over again- GET IT DONE, this will create a positive lasting change that starts with rewiring my brain. What you say to yourself is more powerful than you realize. If you keep repeating certain mantras, it rewires your brain to believe that you CAN or you CAN’T do certain things. Now, what do you CHOOSE to tell yourself?  

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Benefits of Telling You Get It Done

Here are the three main benefits of telling yourself ‘GET IT DONE’ multiple times throughout your day:

  1. You Practice Action-Based Positive Affirmations

The reason affirmations are so effective is because they work at every stage of goal-setting. By telling yourself “GET IT DONE” you are communicating to yourself that you are capable and focused. Saying the affirmation in the present tense is important because your subconscious mind will work to turn the positive intention into reality, which means that it will rewire your brain faster. Affirmations also increase your self-awareness.
Through repetition the new thoughts replace the old ones, becoming ingrained in your mind. With enough practice, you change not only your belief system but also your day to day actions. This technique is helpful with addiction, such as smoking or bad eating habits, and with changing undesirable behaviors and bad habits. When it comes to change, your brain needs to get on board first, and then over time, your body will follow. According to a study published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletinpracticing affirmations helps you perform better in the workplace. Participants who repeatedly used positive affirmations in the workplace performed with more confidence under pressure in their work environments.

  1. You Visualize All the Way to Reality

Did you know that your brain can’t tell the difference between something imaginary and something real? In other words, if your imagination is vivid enough, you can trick your brain into experiencing the positive emotions that go along with a positive memory or mental image. Every time you say to yourself “GET IT DONE”, picture yourself getting it done, imagine yourself working on what you need to work on and completing the task. If you are looking to get your workout done, picture yourself at the gym and then on your way out after an hour of working out, sweaty and proud. Feel it as if it had happened. This will rewire your brain to WANT to be in that state, of getting it done.

  1. You Focus Yourself Around Your Goal

Everything around us is a potential distraction and a potential excuse NOT to get things done. It is too late, too hot, too far, too hard, you are too busy and too tired. Repeating the mantra GET IT DONE to yourself cuts through the noise of potential excuses. It makes it quite simple- you either get it done or you don’t get it done. There is no tomorrow, no ‘I don’t know if I can do it’ no ‘maybe I can’t’. There is just a simple, three words, action-based positive affirmation- GET IT DONE.

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Dr. Michelle Rozen

Dr. Michelle Rozen, Ph.D., is a highly respected authority on the psychology of change. She is one of the most booked motivational speakers nationwide as well as internationally, and a frequent guest on media outlets such as NBC, ABC, FOX News, and CNN on topics related to dealing with change in our world and in every aspect of our lives, so that we can do better and feel better.

Her most recent book, 2 Second Decisions helps people power through with their most challenging decisions through turbulent times.

Dr. Michelle Rozen consistently speaks for Fortune 500 companies and her clients include some of the most recognizable companies in the world including Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, and The U.S. Navy. She holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in Psychology and resides in the greater NYC area.

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