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Hi, I'm Michelle

Over a decade ago I made a huge change in my life and got my masters and then my Ph.D. in Psychology while being a full-time working mom of three very young kids.

I used to set up alarms for 3:00am and study from 3:00am to 6:00am.

When the economy collapsed in 2008, I almost gave up but chose to take charge. Today, I am one of the most respected experts on change in the world and work with global leading brands.

My research on setting and accomplishing goals has discovered that only 6% of people stick to their goals and reveals their secret formula. Get ready to become a six percenter and thrive in business and life! I can’t wait to share the secrets of the six percenters with you.

Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle Rozen's signature, she's the #1 keynote speaker.

Change is not just something you ‘deal with’. Change is something to initiate. To celebrate.

94% of people want to make a change, but drop their goals within the first 60 days. Only 6% follow through and achieve their goals in business and life.

I am here to show you the secret formula for becoming a six percenter.

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6 Things You DIdn't Know About Me


I get a kick out of simplifying complicated concepts and making them so actionable and so easy to apply that anyone can remember and use them.


I got my PhD while being a full-time working mom of three very young kids and a full-time student. I graduated through a collapsing economy against all odds.


I love my family very much. I have been married for over 28 years and I have three kids that I consider to be my three jewels. Everything I have done in my life I have done with my family in mind.


I have two dogs that I absolutely adore, Cody and Casey. I also have a cat, Asmo, who is very mischievous and entertaining. I don’t know how I ever agreed to all of this but our family would not be complete without them.


Flights are my uninterrupted work time. I always work on flights. It just leaves me more free time when I am off the flight.


I have a weakness for peanut butter cups and good coffee and I carry my weakness with pride.
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