Time for CHANGE with Dr. Michelle is a podcast designed to help you get the inspiration and tips that you need in order to maximize your potential and take control over your life, career and relationships.

Each episode presents real life people with real life stories of life transformation and rising above circumstances and challenges.

Join Dr. Michelle each week to hear from her special guests – top professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes and thought leaders as well as inspiring everyday people from around the world.

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Do you want to be a female entrepreneur? Do you want to make a lot of money to live the life you’ve always dreamt of? Have you ever experienced the power of mentoring and inspiration?

Today’s guest is Violette de Ayala, founder and CEO of FemCity. She’s a virtual mentor to more than 20,000 women. Violette shares her personal story of going from welfare to wealth.

Highlights of the show include:

  • Entrepreneurial Journey: Latchkey kid launches small businesses during dinosaur era of technology
  • Grow by Going Global: Share lessons learned to avoid making the same mistakes
  • Craving Community: FemCity supports and provides feedback to women in business
  • FemCity Expansion: Available in 120+ locations
  • Biggest Challenge: Elevate circle of influence for inspiration; know better, to do better
  • Inspirational and Entrepreneurial Breakthrough: Growing up without stable grounding of worth and what could be possible
  • Aha Moment: Shift your mindset to be positive; you’re destined for something greater
  • Growing Up Watching Mentors: Oprah‘s show helped define that you can achieve more; from hardship comes greatness
  • Invest in becoming a member: Network and surround yourself with people doing bigger things to make yourself think bigger
  • Success doesn’t need to look a certain way or follow a style for women in business
  • What’s your superhero talent? How can you share your talent with the rest of the world?
  • Open your mind to opportunity; money comes to you through people you meet
  • Connect, Connect, Connect: To powerful and positive talents, inspirations, people, literature, and opportunities
Episode 3: The Power of Mentoring in Getting from Welfare to Wealth


How can we break addictive and damaging behaviors to reframe our experiences and go from a place of pain to growth?

Today’s guest is Dr. Tracy Thomas, a psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in personal development. She has created a ground-breaking technique for living life to the fullest.

Highlights of the show include:

  • Passion for Change: Family full of emotional turmoil sabotaged their true potential
  • Struggling with Emotions: Separating emotional reaction patterns from specific person
  • Success without happiness is not how most people define success
  • Emotional Environment: Creates anxiety, depression, shame, and coping mechanisms
  • All scars/wounds are not visible; stop being frustrated, and start studying behavior
  • Awareness doesn’t always make an impact, practical mechanics are necessary
  • Shift from being reactive to intentional:
    • Connect with yourself during the day, not only during times of stress
    • Give yourself intention and purpose of outcomes, not the issues
  • Emotional Re-engineering: Change how you emotionally respond to everything to change your emotional state
  • Live Your Potential: Change/condition emotional reaction patterns, thought processes


Welcome to the first episode of Dr. Michelle Rozen’s podcast, Time for Change. It offers inspiring, real-life stories of success and transformation to turn your life around. Remember, change is constant, growth is optional.

Today’s guest is David Trotter, host of the Inspiration Rising podcast. For more than 25 years, David has helped people get unstuck by clarifying their goals around life, love, and leadership. David and Michelle discuss the power of asking simple option-generating questions to get yourself unstuck. What questions can you ask to make the right choices?

Highlights of the show include:

  • Renaissance Man: Going from pastor to podcast host to pass on inspiration to others, especially women
  • Equality Issues: White-male domination and leadership
  • Characteristics of being Stuck: Creatures of habit trying to eliminate possibilities to feel empowered rather than overwhelmed
  • Change your habits by asking accessible questions to get unstuck
  • Look toward the future for possibilities and options: What if…?
  • Take time to ask yourself and others without enforcing personal beliefs, opinions, and options: What do I/you want?
  • Unhelpful, harmful, judgmental, negative, and limiting questions: What were you thinking? Why did you do that?
  • Shift from Habits to Questions: Are there other possibilities? Is there a more fulfilling path?
Episode 1 – The Power of Asking Questions to Get Ourselves Unstuck

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