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In early 2023, I conducted a research about personal goal setting, which was recently published in the Open Journal of Social Studies. The research reveals that only 6% of people achieve their personal goals. Most importantly, the research led to the discovery of the secret formula those 6% use to achieve specific goals.

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Making a Change Is Simpler Than You’d Think

The research came about after over a decade of fieldwork with audiences and people around the world, seeing the incredible pain and frustration people have when they want to live better and feel better but find themselves stuck over and over again.

I have witnessed the toll this takes on mental wellness, relationships, success in business and life, and overall sense of happiness. I wanted to check the connection between wanting to make a change and actually following through.

The data here is eye-opening because there is no reason for it. There is no reason for so much pain and frustration. Making a change is actually simpler than you think. You just need to know how.

Key Findings

I conducted the research from early 2023 to mid 2023. During this time I interviewed 999 people from the United States about the goals they set as New Year Resolutions.

Out of the 999 people interviewed, 815, or 81.6%, said that they set at least one goal for themselves in January. This shows that a lot of people are actually interested in improving at least one aspect of their lives.

The shocking discovery is that out of the 815 people who set goals in January, only 53, or 6.5%, were still committed to them by June. Even worse, most people abandoned them after only 2 months. According to the data gathered, 32.2% stopped pursuing their goals in January, and 63.5% did the same a month later.

These findings support the University of Scranton’s research that 50% of Americans make some yearly New Year’s Resolutions, but less than half of the same group continued working on their resolutions for the past six months.

The research also revealed a strong connection between goal commitment and goal categories. Participants who set their goals from the fitness category had the highest success rate. Of the 274 people who set a goal from this category, 29, or 9.6%, were still pursuing it by June.

To find out more, you can read the research here.

How These People Succeed at Achieving Goals

The research also revealed what the 6% did in order to achieve their goals. The secret formula. This will be the topic of my next book, The 6% Club, that I will publish in the first half of 2024.

The book will contain a step-by-step plan that anyone can use to succeed, to join the 6% club. It will guide you through every step, from how to set the right goals to achieving them.

the 6% Club is opening soon

If you too want to start achieving your goals, I have some great news. I will soon be opening the gates to the 6% Club, a movement for people who want to use the secret formula to change their lives. It will have its dedicated membership website that will include:

  • Courses and downloadable materials to support you on your 6% Club journey
  • Challenges (after all, you’ve got to have some challenge when you’re in The 6% Club)
  • Lives with me where you can get support and ask her anything
  • Gifts and surprises

The 6% Club website will be opening on November 6th 2023, but you can sign up for the waiting list right now by using the form below.

Join the Club

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