3 Quick Strategies to Beat Burnout and Feel Better

Feeling overwhelmed at work? You’re not alone.

In this episode of Leading Up, we are diving into the burnout crisis affecting a vast majority of American workers. It’s a significant problem with a hefty price tag that’s eroding the workforce.

Discover the 5 stages of burnout and how to identify if you are running the risk of getting burned out. Are simple tasks now difficult? Do you find yourself lost in endless scrolling? These signs are your cue to take action.

After watching this episode you’ll equip yourself with strategies to regain control over your mental budget and sharpen your decision-making. You’ll learn how to set clear boundaries, not just with words, but with conviction, to protect your energy.

This episode is also a call to action for leaders to embrace self-care, establish boundaries, and prioritize with precision using the 0 to 10 Rule. Learn how to use this tool and you’ll see improvements almost immediately.

Don’t miss this episode of Leading Up. It’s a class in not just surviving burnout but thriving beyond it. Your journey to a better leadership life starts with one click.

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