4 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement


Igniting the Spark: Four Tips to Amplify Employee Engagement

Today’s leaders grapple with an array of challenges, not the least of which is the need to boost employee engagement. This pressing issue demands immediate attention and purposeful action. The latest data reveal a concerning trend: global employee engagement figures are lower than we’d hope, posing a significant threat to productivity and morale.

According to a 2023 Gallup survey, a meager 21% of employees worldwide report feeling actively engaged in their work. More alarmingly, the survey indicates a 2% drop in engagement levels in the United States alone during 2022. Over the years, the highest recorded engagement level in the US stood at 36%, but recent years have seen a dip – 34% in 2021 and an estimated 32% in 2023.

The implications of these declining statistics are significant, often resulting from limited development opportunities, unclear expectations, and a pervasive feeling of being undervalued. It’s high time that you, as a leader, address this issue with diligence and foresight.

Key Findings

Here are three pivotal strategies to significantly enhance employee engagement: Leading by Example, fostering Empathy, showing Appreciation, and allocating Dedicated time to leadership (collectively termed as the L.E.A.D. model).

Deep-Dive into the Checklist

L – Lead by Example

To cultivate a culture of engagement, it is crucial that leaders embody the change they wish to see. Demonstrating personal commitment and motivation signals to your employees that they too should invest in their roles. As the adage goes, “actions speak louder than words”.

E – Empathy

Leading with empathy isn’t just a popular 2023 buzzword; it’s a critical component of effective leadership. Emphasize active listening and adopt a team-oriented approach, working alongside your employees to create a thriving environment. Empathetic leadership means genuinely understanding your team members’ perspectives and helping them succeed.

A – Appreciation

A little gratitude can go a long way. Recognize and appreciate the efforts your employees make. Expressing thanks isn’t just about good manners; it’s about acknowledging the hard work your team puts in and reinforcing the behaviors you want to see repeated.

D – Dedication

Lastly, leaders must dedicate time to their primary role: leading. It’s not uncommon for leaders to be engulfed in task completion, but true leadership requires strategic thinking, clear communication, and a focus on guiding others.


Undeniably, enhancing employee engagement is a complex task with no overnight solutions. However, through a committed and empathetic leadership approach, you can begin to turn the tide. The L.E.A.D. model is designed as a practical guide to fostering a more engaged and productive workforce.

Employing this model will not only aid in boosting engagement levels but also in fostering a healthier, more vibrant organizational culture. As you navigate the uncertain landscape of 2023, remember: the journey to enhanced employee engagement begins with you.

Remember, your people are your most valuable asset. When they feel seen, heard, and valued, they’ll invest their energy wholeheartedly in their roles, driving your organization’s success story. The time to act is now – use this L.E.A.D model to ignite a transformation in your workplace today.

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