7 Ways to Lift Your Spirits During a Challenging Week

Dr. Michelle Rozen, America's Top Expert AND SPEAKER on Leading Change


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This week, things have become even more challenging for many of us in many ways. Many people lost their jobs, many lost loved ones, money is becoming a concern, cabin fever is on the rise, hope is beginning to dwindle.

One of my all-time favorite sentences is, “things are never as good as you think and never as bad as you think.” I kept reminding myself of that sentence this week. Let’s put our chins up, everyone. This, too, shall pass. We need to regain our inner strength, our hope for better days, and our belief in ourselves that we are strong and we are going to win this.

If you are feeling that this is a challenging week and is growing a bit hard on you, here are ten things that you can do to lift your spirits up:


I know that this will take some time to pass, but won’t it be great when it does? Think about your favorite places to go to, your favorite restaurants, your favorite people to hang out with, etc. Plan it, envision it, See it. It is going to come. Plan for it.


You can’t be emotionally available for everyone all the time. You can’t work in chaos. You’ll have to find some calm in the storm. Find yourself a quiet spot in the house and guard your space and guard your time in it, no matter what. Even if you have to wake up earlier. You need some alone-time and you need some sanity. It will help you recenter.


Anyone who is negative is out at this point. Sometimes, we are so drained that we do not even notice who it is that drains our energy with negativity. This is a matter of personal choice- do not let negativity enter your personal space. You cannot afford that right now. If this is someone that you absolutely have to deal with, try to push your interaction with that person to a less challenging week. It can wait.


A hug from a child? A family game? Laughter with the ones you love? Shelter and food? Those things alone are worth a celebration. Let yourself feel grateful for what there is. You will realize that there is a lot to celebrate and be grateful for. Nothing can be taken for granted right now. Let’s be happy with the good that we have.


Quarantine creates new situations and for those of us who struggle with setting boundaries. These are new challenges with a whole new set of boundaries to set. Remember, every boundary you set will make you calmer and make you feel better. Stop feeling bad for yourself. Set those boundaries. It’s a matter of emotional survival. And because you will end up a calmer person as a result, everyone wins at the end.


Somebody once told me that you can only win a situation if you accept it and then handle it from a point of acceptance rather than denying it, or worse, fighting it. It is time for all of us, this week, to do exactly that- to accept that this has happened. From that acceptance, we should all start preparing ourselves for adapting. We do not know how long this will last and how life would look after. All we need to know at this point is that life has thrown this incredibly big challenge at all of us. We need to accept that this has happened, and from that acceptance, prepare to adapt and move on. There is no other way to win this.


Find opportunities to help others, but just as important- know when to ask for help yourself. We are all in this together. Do not get to a breaking point. Don’t go to sleep on an empty stomach. Do not keep it to yourself if you are not okay. Reach out to help and reach out to be helped. We are all in this together, and only together, we will win.

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