As a team. As a leader. As a person.

powerful. engaging. interactive.
Totally transformed the way we lead through change.

Give Your Team the Tools and Confidence to Lead and Motivate Through Change

powerful. engaging. interactive.

Give Your Team the Tools and Confidence to Lead and Motivate Through Change


A workshop with Dr. Michelle is an incredible opportunity for interacting with her in a smaller group setting and to put the principles of leading and motivating through change to work.

Whether you choose a three-day training, a one-day workshop, a half-day workshop or just an hour or two, either as a stand alone experience or as an add-on to your larger stage keynote, your attendees are guaranteed to have an engaging, powerful, and practical experience that will completely transform the way they lead themselves and others through change.

Dr. Michelle utilizes role plays, personal and group exercises, reflective exercises and a group interaction to create a memorable and transformative  experience for all participants.



Dr. Michelle’s workshops are innovative, motivating and inspiring, with not only powerful take-aways that participants can start utilizing right away but also  practical, start-using-tomorrow action plans that participants work on as part on the workshop.

This is also a unique opportunity for the team to share information, generate new ideas, and align around the team’s goals under Dr. Michelle’s engaging facilitation.

Mastering the art and tools for leading and motivating through change is a must have training for any leaders nowadays. Having those tools is detrimental to implementing change and critical to the company’s success”.

– Dr Michelle Rozen


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Meet Dr. Michelle Rozen in a Smaller Group Setting:

Dr. Michelle Rozen is one of the most sought after change management motivational leadership speakers nationwide as well as internationally.

Her leadership development experiences include workshops, online trainings, large scale keynotes, and big stages. Dr. Michelle is the author of three books, a Huffington Post writer, and has been featured on NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX News and many other media outlets discussing change, motivation and how the human mind works to become exceptional in every area of our lives, personally and professionally.


“I really believe your training will help our team achieve the next level”.

Jay Abassi
CEO, Plain Green

“It was so well received and our team had so many positive comments tonight!
Such a perfect message for our team… and for me! I’m a new fan!”

Mindy Lankenau
SVP, Paragon Rehabilitation

“It was so engaging and so actionable! Everyone loved it!”

Demile Gilmore
Head of HR, GEA

Every workshop is different and event organizers usually have very specific goals for participants. Dr. Michelle always customizes all of her workshops and leadership training programs to specifically meet the event organizer’s goals. Here are some of Dr. Michelle’s most booked workshops:

How to Master the Art of Change as Leaders

Leaders in all industries find themselves dealing with the challenges of a rapidly changing work environment, management, procedures, technology, generation changes and more. But what can be perceived as rocking the boat is also a great opportunity for growth.

This part of the workshop shines light on potential obstacles in leading through change, understanding the challenge of change and the most powerful and effective strategies of dealing with change as leaders.

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify potential obstacles in leadership through change
  • Understand the causes- and powerful solutions- for resistance to change
  • Master the CHANGE model for effective leadership through change
  • Master the Three Golden Rules for increasing motivation, engagement and growth through change

Powerful People Skills: Leading Through Change with Different Personalities

Master the skills and tools to identify different personality types through change, to anticipate their reactions and to proactively break through barriers with each personality type.

This is an engaging, fun and highly interactive workshop that provides participants with superior interpersonal tools to work with team members from a place of resistance to change to a place of productivity, teamwork and engagement.

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify different personalities in a change saturated environment
  • Understand the causes- and powerful solutions- for resistance to change for each personality type
  • Master the ENGAGE Model for effective leadership through diversity of personality types
  • Master powerful communication and facilitation tools for promoting a culture of communication, teamwork and meaningful engagement

Dr. Rozen did an extraordinary job at of helping our leaders understand the importance of staying focused and being intentional in our goal setting.

Tony Briningstool / MD SVP / American Physician Partners

Managing Change - Your Five Step Plan

Dr. Michelle works with attendees on a practical, five step plan for powerful and effective leadership through change that covers all aspects and tools of change management as leaders. Attendees master the five step plan for change management as leaders and then practice and apply all steps and tools in an engaging, humorous and powerful manner.

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify potential obstacles for managing change with diverse personalities
  • Master the five step plan for leading through change
  • Master powerful leadership through change tips and best kept secrets

Communicating Change to Team Members and Stakeholders

This is a crucial workshop for many leaders whose companies go through changes. Dr. Michelle works with attendees on stepping up their game in terms of communicating change to team members and stakeholders, in a way that would convey clear strategic narrative for the change, the benefits associated with it and allow for diversity of perspectives while keeping team members and stakeholders informed and engaged.

You’ll learn to:

  • Craft your clear strategic narrative as a leaders through change
  • Set clear goals through the change process, as a leader and as a team
  • Master the DIALOGUE Model for communicating change to stakeholders and team members
  • Master the four step system for organizing information in a change process


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One/ Two Hours Change Management Workshop

Online Change Management Training/ Webinar

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