Great leadership relies on the power to motivate through obstacles, to communicate effectively and to create a culture of powerful teamwork, from vision to transformation and growth.

Dr. Rozen provides leaders with science based, real life, cutting edge strategies for powerful leadership toward growth and success, and works individually with each company and team to customize corporate leadership programs, workshops and trainings to specifically match the unique DNA of each and every group. Each of the workshop topics below can be customized, and adjusted to half day, full day and multiple session workshops. All workshops are based on the most recent and cutting edge research in the field, with real-life practical applications and all are highly interactive and engaging, leave a lasting impact and noticeable change in areas of focus.

From Vision to Transformation: Powerful Leadership Strategies

Leadership requires a high level of proficiency in people skills. Understanding how the human mind works when it comes to engagement, motivation, change and interpersonal dynamics between among teams and leaders has detrimental impact on the overall performance of teams, companies and organizations. Join Dr. Rozen is acquiring the skills that will take you and your team from vision to transformation, growth and success.


  • Understand the psychology of leadership and how to use it and a purposeful manner.
  • Master the art of turning vision into goals.
  • Master the Three Essential Leadership Strategies
  • Learn the art of creating, increasing and maintaining a high level of motivation and engagement
  • Master the 0-10 Tool for evaluating engagement, teamwork and effectiveness

How to Motivate and Engage Yourself and Others

A motivated team is a winning team. As much as a highly motivated employee is the most valuable asset any leader can have. How does motivation actually work in our minds? How do we actually keep ourselves and others motivated, focused and engaged? Join Dr. Rozen in learning how to create and increase motivation of the self and others, based on top cutting edge scientific knowledge with practical, real-life applications and powerfully practical tools.


  • Master the 0-10 Rule for identifying key goals
  • Understand how motivation actually works in the human mind
  • Learn to identify- and crush- potential obstacles to growth and success
  • Gain powerful insights into the dynamics of purpose
  • Master the LEAD model for motivating leadership through obstacles and challenges

How to Create a Winning Team Culture

​Motivated teams that work well together are the goal, the tool and the right and left hand of every leader. Join Dr. Rozen is learning how to create a winning team culture, what makes a winning team and how to lead toward a culture where teamwork is an essential part of the company or organization’s DNA. Research clearly shows us how to create a winning team culture. Let’s put that research into real-life work and learn how to apply it in a meaningful and powerful way.


  • Learn to identify potential obstacles to teamwork
  • Master powerful strategies to turning obstacles to teamwork into opportunities for GROWTH
  • Learn powerful strategies for creating a winning team culture in a diverse work environment
  • Master the TEAM model for winning teamwork strategies
  • Master the art of leading through teamwork with PURPOSE

Powerful People Skills for Leaders in a Diverse Work Environment


  • Understand the power of winning communication strategies
  • Learn to identify research based obstacles for leaders in a diverse work environment
  • Master the PEOPLE Model for powerful people skills in a diverse work environment
  • Gain insights into people’s behavior through diverse personalities and backgrounds  and how it impacts interpersonal dynamics
  • Harness the power of the most practical science based applications for leadership in a diverse work environment

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