It’s Okay to Try Something New!!

Standing by the elevator and hitting the button over and over again is clear enough by now. It’s pointless. It’s silly. And, it’s nothing but an expression of impatience and frustration. But where else does it happen to us besides by the elevator? Well, you’ll be amazed. In many, many situations.
Let’s think about relationships. If you want something from your partner and discover, quite disappointed, that you are not getting what you need, you will probably feel very frustrated. You may need more affection or you may need more help with the kids. You may need more help around the house, or you may want more communication. Whatever your need may be, it is not met.
Every industry has gone through massive changes, and still is! People think that change is about dealing with changes in organizations, companies and industries. It is. But it is so much more than that too.
Better outcomes and successful results are driven by knowing how to do things differently in order to get a different result, and becoming more mindful, intentional and knowledgeable on leading change with confidence in these rapidly changing and challenging times.
Discover why Dr. Michelle Rozen is the most booked speaker on change around the globe.
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