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These Global Brands loved working with Dr. Michelle

Say Goodbye To Scripted Keynotes

Dr. Michelle Rozen customizes her powerful keynotes to match your event’s goals.
These are keynotes your audience can relate to. Contact her team to get your customized keynote!

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The Change Doctor is in the house!

Dr. Michelle Rozen, THE CHANGE DOCTOR, is the #1 choice for leading brands.

With a strong message, captivating storytelling, top-of-the-line media clips, high energy, and exceptional level of audience engagement, Dr. Michelle has earned a reputation as one of today’s most sought-after motivational speakers.

Prepare to be blown away

Dr. Michelle Rozen brings a rare blend of audience engagement, expert insights, and powerful strategies to her keynotes.

With extensive expertise on how change works in the human mind, Dr. Michelle’s captivating storytelling and cutting-edge visuals leave a lasting impact on attendees, leading to standing ovations and unforgettable experiences.

Rave reviews from Top Brands

Dr. Michelle Rozen has worked with over 500 organizations and companies, in every industry, including Pfizer, U.S. Navy, Merrill Lynch, Ikea, and many more high profile companies!

Her talks leave a lasting impact on anyone who hears them.

Get ready for outstanding!

Get ready for outstanding engagement. Get ready for outstanding visuals. Get ready for outstanding energy. 

In other words, get ready for outstanding.

Get ready to laugh!

Whether on-stage, hybrid or on virtual talks, Dr. Michelle’s humor gets the audience laughing. When you pair powerful actionable takeaways, powerful stage presence, entertainment, and humor- you get an outstanding, highly engaging event.

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The Change Doctor, Dr. Michelle Rozen, is the ULTIMATE combination of audience engagement, an uplifting experience, and powerful actionable takeaways!

“Dr. Rozen’s speech was incredibly valuable to our team and we really appreciated the strong, actionable takeaways!”

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"Dr. Rozen did an extraordinary job"

american physician partners

"Dr. Rozen’s actionable takeaways were exactly what we needed"


"We had such phenomenal feedback from our leaders!"


"It was the highlight of the day!"

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"Thank you, Dr. Rozen, for an incredibly insightful and engaging presentation to the Illumina Global Leaders Forum today!"


"We greatly appreciated how she tailored her content to the needs of our organization"


"Dr. Michelle had a perfect message for us- we could not have picked a better one for this keynote!"

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"Connects with audiences with incredible ease"

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"Dr. Rozen was outstanding, we were mesmerized!"

penn state

"The event with Dr. Rozen was FANTASTIC"


"Dr. Rozen’s talk was not only motivational - but exhilarating"

Dr. Michelle Rozen - The Change Doctor

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