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Dr. Michelle Rozen, a.k.a The Change Doctor, holds a masters and a Ph.D. in Psychology and is a highly respected authority on the psychology of change.

Dr. Rozen is the author of several books including her most recent book, 2 Second Decisions: The Secret Formula for Leading Change by Making Quick Winning Choices. She is a frequent guest expert on NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX News and many more media outlets on issues related to motivation, personal and professional growth and managing change in our lives so that we can all do better, feel better and become better in every possible way.

Dr. Michelle’s unique combination of a down-to-earth, humorous and practical personality, along with her expertise in human behavior has made her one of the most sought-after motivational experts today.

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People think that change is about dealing with changes in organizations, companies and industries. It is. But it is so much more than that too. 

Change is about transforming the way we do things, as leaders, as teams, and as individuals, in order to thrive in every single aspects of our lives, personally and professionally.

Over the past decade, I have been researching, publishing, speaking and training Fortune 500 leaders across all industries on:

Secrets to Outstanding Leadership

How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence

How to Get from Burnout to Resilience

How to Overcome Mind Biases and Truly Embrace Inclusion

The Secret Formula to Leading Change with Confidence

How to Motivate Yourself and Others

Secrets of Communication

How to Build a Culture of Collaboration

and so much more!


My Story

Hi, I’m Michelle. And I’m so glad to see you here!

The journey to change began with a lot of frustration. I felt that I could be more. That I can do so much more. But I felt that the time was not right and kept waiting for the right time.

After struggling financially, personally and professionally, as a full-time working mom of three very young kids, feeling like I am wearing shoes that are two sizes too small every single day, I have decided to take the first step and take control over my life and future.

In the course of a Masters and Ph.D in psychology, I have learned, practiced and researched the science of human behavior. And everything that I have learned, I have taken back to my own life, trying to make them better. The result was astonishing. I turned my life around in every possible way.

My passion is to share with you how to do the same in your life. How to become more confident, more calm, have significantly better relationships, and get to the life that you want and deserve in every possible way. Every science-based takeaway that I share with you is based not just on science, and not just on my own life, but also on many thousands of people that I have worked with, spoken to, and coached, that have turned their life around too.

If I could do it, and they could do it, so can you.  And yes, I know, it will never be the right time. Let’s take the first step together. Are you ready?

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