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Let Go of the Past on Your Way to a Much Better Future

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Working toward change is working toward a different future. If a better future is what you have in mind, you must let go of the past. Being stuck in the past entails no movement forward. Oftentimes, the past struggles sit heavy on our shoulders and hold us back from both living in the moment and moving forward at the speed that we want and deserve.

According to research, holding on to our past is something that we tend to do because it contributes to our sense of identity. We are reluctant to let go of the past and cling to it. As negative and painful as it is, we might feel that it is part of our who we are. By doing that, we allow negativity, anger and fear take over our mind. This shapes our energy and state of mind in the present. NO MORE!

Letting Go of the Past

Every day, every hour and every moment are a new chance to let go. A chance to dust the past away, and to make room for new energy, new experiences and a new state of mind. Because we cannot change the past, it brings with it a sense of frustration.

You will feel stronger and more hopeful if you drop that bag full of heavy rocks, your past, on the side of the road, and walk forward full speed, lighter and happier. Who wants to go on a marathon with a bag full of heavy rocks on their back? It is a deceiving sense of identity, because it works against you rather than for you.

Three Steps to Help You Let Go of the Past

Here are three steps help you to move forward. To create a new, winning, pain free identity, and let go of the past:

1. Identify your habit of focusing on the past

2. Train your mind to shift back to the present and be in the moment every time you drift back to past talk and past oriented focus

3. Once you are back at the present moment, envision the future that you are working toward in detail and linger on the pleasure that that future entails.

Your life matters. Your success matters. Holding on to the past, especially if it is painful and complicated, weighs you down and tires the brain. You’ll be better off focusing on the present and future, and focusing your energy there. A painful past cannot be erased, but a happy, hopeful future cures many wounds. Take a big step into the horizon, work hard on not looking back. Start letting go of the past now.

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