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Achieve Any Goal in Business and Life

Imagine setting a goal, finding direction, and then exceeding expectations. Start thinking and behaving like a six percenter.

Dr. Michelle Rozen’s book is packed with straightforward tips and real-life solutions that have worked for the world’s top companies and leaders. Learn how to reach your goals in business, life, or relationships with clear steps from a trusted expert.

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100% Begin. 6% Follow Through.

The 6% Methodology originates from Dr. Michelle Rozen’s recent study, where it’s revealed that out of all the people who pledge to make a change in their lives, only 6% achieve it.

Yes, 94% fail.

Over 1.5M Lives Changed. More than 500+ Companies Transformed.

After a decade of working with the world’s top leaders, Dr. Michelle Rozen breaksdown the strategies utilized by those in The 6% Club. Her work has been used in every industry, by hundreds of companies, such as:

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What Companies Say About The 6% Club

“It’s rare to meet someone who is a true expert and truly changes people’s mindsets. Dr. Michelle is one of a kind.”

– Coca Cola

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"Dr. Michelle Rozen herself dispenses straight talk and a brutally honest narrative on why we can be our own worst enemy and what it takes to get into the 6% Club and stay there!"

Anthony Marino, Executive Vice President

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"In today’s world, people need the tools in order to thrive in business and life. This is a must-read book for anyone who wants to crush their goals. "

Stacy Aries, Head of Talent Management

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"Dr. Michelle's unique approach to goal-setting empowers individuals to not only set ambitious objectives but to stay committed and achieve them. Through practical strategies and unwavering support."

Dawn Speaks, Director of Leadership

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The 6% Club

“Realizing that only 6% of the people know how to make a lasting change made my mission more urgent.” – Dr. Michelle Rozen

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn from this book:

Prioritize like a pro

Get more out of your day

Make and save more money

Become healthier

Take your business/career to the next level

Improve your relationships

Become happier

Take control of your future

Beat burnout

We Sent The Book to Some Early Reviewers, Here's What They Said



Absolutely life-changing! This book showed me how to break my cycle of the same old choices.

five stars


Makes the daunting task of change feel achievable. Highly recommend for anyone looking to grow.

five stars


Every chapter left me with actionable insights. It’s practical, not just theoretical.

five stars


It promises big changes, and boy, does it deliver. I’m not the same person I was before reading it.

five stars


Dr. Rozen’s approach is straightforward yet profound. A genuine guide to lasting change.

five stars


It’s so empowering to realize the control we have over our responses. This book nails it.

five stars

Hey, I'm Michelle

Welcome to a journey that could redefine the way you approach your goals, both in business and life.

After over a decade of experience working with the world’s top leaders and companies, I’ve distilled the essence of what it takes to not just set ambitious goals but to achieve them.

My book, inspired by the realization that only 6% of people manage to make lasting changes in their lives, is designed to equip you with the strategies and insights needed to join this exclusive club.

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My teenage daughter and I read it together. It sparked great conversations about growth and challenges.

five stars


This book doesn’t just talk the talk. It walks you through the process of change step by step.

five stars


The challenge of changing habits is laid out in plain language. It’s hard, but this book helps.

five stars


The professionalism and depth of knowledge Dr. Rozen brings to this topic is unparalleled.

five stars


Who knew our brains were so energy-conscious? This book explains so much about resistance to change.

five stars


For a skeptic like me, the blend of scientific evidence with practical advice was perfect.

five stars
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