consulting and Coaching for Visionary Leaders

consulting and Coaching for Leaders

Reach Massive Success with America's #1 Change Management Expert!

THE CHANGE DOCTOR provideS change management consulting and coaching To some of her clients.

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Achieve Balance in High Pressure Situations

Learn the skills needed to stay cool, calm, and collected under pressure. Learn how to lead other people to success.

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Manage Rapid Growth and Transformation

An adaptable mindset empowers you to support your team more effectively and better manage the impact of new challenges.

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Master Communication Skills

Every step you make to improve your communication skills equals ten steps of progress for your team.


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When you hire a change management expert at Dr. Michelle’s caliber, you can expect extraordinary results that will take you and your team to your next level of performance in rapidly changing conditions:

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Dr. Michelle Rozen has been elevating top leaders for over a decade.

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Dr. Michelle is trusted by Fortune 500 companies

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Here is what it will include:

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Executive coaching trains leaders to make better decisions, by equipping them with the knowledge and opportunities they need to develop themselves and become more effective communicators and motivators. You’ll benefit from specific strategies that hone in on your strengths, identify your weaknesses and pain points, and look at the bigger picture in terms of your business and professional goals.

Executive coaching can benefit anyone in a leadership role. While traditionally limited to the C-Suite, executive coaching can benefit many types of emerging leaders. From team leads to department heads, executive coaching teaches fundamental strategies that leaders can benefit from at all levels of an organization.

Executive coaching is built on strategies that teach adaptability, resilience, and effective communication. These benefits trickle down to all levels of an organization. An effective leader will cement these principles into every interaction they have with their team.

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