Dr. Rozen is an expert in the field of motivation, and specializes in how motivation truly works when it comes to motivating yourself and others, working through change and overcoming of challenges toward success.

The 0-10 Rule of Motivation:
How to Get Yourself to Aim High and Achieve Great Things

The ability to keep yourself motivated through obstacles and challenges carves the road to success. The 0-10 Rule is a powerful five step strategy that allows people to define goals and motivate themselves to not only hit their targets, but also accomplish above and beyond what they thought was possible. This keynote addresses the importance and strategies of overcoming obstacles, defining your goals and staying focused and high achieving every step of the way.

The Power of a Plan:
How to Set Goals in a Meaningful Way

Knowing how to set goals and plan has incredible impact on the ability to success and accomplish any goals. But how do you actually go about it? How can you set goals in a meaningful way- and follow through? If you have a plan- and know how to plan and how to follow through- you are on your path to succeed already. This keynote addresses the powerful skill of setting goals and sticking to them through obstacles and difficulties- and the remarkable success that awaits those who know how to plan and set goals in a meaningful way. ​

Design Your Own Wings:
The Power of Taking Ownership in Small Actions Toward Success

Looking at graduates on the day of graduation is an incredible reminder of how many of their smaller actions: reading, following up on assignments, showing up, taking tests, sticking with it through challenges and obstacles- all led up to this incredible achievement of graduation that will impact their lives, for the rest of their lives. Looking ahead toward the future, each graduate can design their own wings toward success and achievement, feather by feather, through daily perseverance, accountability and taking responsibility, all adding up to powerful growth, higher and further than they thought was possible. ​

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