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Want to Change Self Sabotaging Habits? Use THIS Winning Rule NOW

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self sabotaging habits

Have you ever decided to lose weight and then found yourself yet again going for those cookies that you have decided not to touch? Have you ever signed up for a gym membership, go twice and then just stop going? Did you made a promise to yourself to save money but then end up spending more than you should have on restaurants, online shopping or on that really cute sweater that was being sold at an incredible bargain?

So why does this happen to us? How do we get from setting a goal that is important for us, like eating healthy and getting things done, to the point of messing up and making excuses for ourselves to cutting out our self sabotaging habits?

Self Sabotaging Habits

Let’s dig deeper into these self sabotaging habits.
Here is the truth about how our mind works. Deep down inside of us, we absolutely dislike effort, especially when it comes to things that we don’t feel like doing. We want what is easy, pleasurable, sweet and fun; we don’t actually like the idea of hard work or delayed gratification.

I mean, seriously, what is more fun: online shopping or saving money? Having a slice of cake or staying on a diet? Watching Netflix or doing chores?
Come on. We all know the feeling.
We want it now, we want it to feel good, and we don’t want to work for it if we don’t have to.
So are we then doomed to get stuck with our self sabotaging habits?
Not really.

There is only one way to completely change your behavior: completely change your environment. Your best bet for getting rid of self sabotaging habits and start crushing your goals is using The Rule of Environmental Manipulation.
This means that you never, ever trust your mind to make the right choice because you KNOW that it will pull you toward excuses. To have the upper hand in the battle between your better self, the one with the goals and the things to do, and your impulsive self, that is ready to make any excuse to justify not making the effort- manipulate your immediate environment.

This is how you show your impulsive self that you mean business getting ride of self sabotaging habits:

  • Get the chocolate out of the house.
  • Put your sneakers and gym clothes right by your bed. Get up and wear them right away.
  • Set up autopay for saving.
  • Eat from smaller plates.
  • Disable social media notifications.

Look around you. How else can you use The Rule of Environmental Manipulation to set yourself up for success and eliminate mess-ups?
Stop reasoning with your own excuses. Start reasoning with the sneakers by your bed the cake in the garbage, the To-Do list on your desk, the spending tracking app.
Your mind is working against you and it is tricking you into thinking that you can get away with excuses.
It is time for you to win.
Let’s move from excuses to action. Let’s start using The Rule of Environmental Manipulation.
We’ve got things to do and goals to crush.

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