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Dr. Michelle Rozen is the #1 change keynote speaker for top brands

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"one of The best keynote speakers on change We've Ever Had" - Pfizer

Dr. Michelle Rozen is the top choice for the most actionable best change management speakers for your leadership team.

Dr. Michelle’s keynotes to leadership teams are highly customized, to specifically address your event’s goals and create maximum impact. Rave reviews from top brands and standing ovations time after time say it all! Dr. Michelle creates unmatched customized experiences for leadership teams of leading organizations, which has made her one of the world’s most sought-after change management motivational speaker today.

Top Brands Love Working with Dr. Michelle!

Rated #1 Change Management speaker

  • Your leadership team needs more than just motivation. They need tools. They need to get inspired. They need to know how to lead in today’s world, and to passionately want to do that. This exactly is where Dr. Michelle stands out.
  • Dr. Michelle Rozen doesn’t just deliver change management keynotes. She creates top-of-the-line customized, actionable experiences for winning teams. Her infectious energy, instant connection with leaders and high level of expertise, have made her one of the most booked speakers on change management to top brands today.  
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Say Goodbye To Scripted Keynotes

Dr. Michelle Rozen customizes the most actionable keynotes to match your event’s goals.
These are keynotes your audience can relate to. Contact our team to create the most customized experience for your event!

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Most requested change management keynote topics

All topics are customized, these are just examples

How to Lead Through Change

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Change leadership embodies a proactive approach to change management, perceiving change as an opportunity for growth and enhancement rather than a finite project.

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Five Steps to Leading With Gratitude

Discover how to lead through change. Inspire your team, foster engagement, and create a positive work culture. Leading with gratitude is the key of top organizations.

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How to Engage, Motivate and Thrive

How to engage, motivate and thrive. Leaders who are driven by motivation through change are more likely to possess the ability to envision a goal and inspire their followers to achieve it.

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Secrets to Teamwork

Teamwork empowers leaders to leverage the strengths and skills of individuals, fostering a unified direction for the team to pursue shared goals.

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How to Beat Burnout

Discover effective change management strategies to beat burnout and overcome exhaustion and stress. Take control of your well-being and find balance in your life.

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Secrets of Communication

Learn how to communicate like a leader and enhance your leadership effectiveness. Develop powerful communication skills to inspire, influence, and motivate others towards success.

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Great Add-ons to Make Your Event Outstanding!

secrets of leadership booklet

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actionable takeaways!

2 Second Decisions

A great book for your attendees,
by Dr. Michelle!

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Companies Love Working with Dr. Michelle!

“Dr. Rozen’s speech was incredibly valuable to our team and we really appreciated the strong, actionable takeaways!”

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"Dr. Rozen did an extraordinary job"

american physician partners

"Dr. Rozen’s actionable takeaways were exactly what we needed"


"We had such phenomenal feedback from our leaders!"


"It was the highlight of the day!"

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"Dr. Rozen’s talk was not only motivational - but exhilarating"


"Thank you, Dr. Rozen, for an incredibly insightful and engaging presentation to the Illumina Global Leaders Forum today!"


"We greatly appreciated how she tailored her content to the needs of our organization"


"Dr. Michelle had a perfect message for us- we could not have picked a better one for this keynote!"

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"The event with Dr. Rozen was FANTASTIC"


"Connects with audiences with incredible ease"

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"Dr. Rozen was outstanding, we were mesmerized!"

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Attendees Get Inspired By Dr. Michelle!

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“Dr. Michelle blew it away today. Standing ovation. I’ve never seen anything like it”

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“Michelle Rozen is unbelievable. One of the best speakers that I have heard and I have heard many over my 30 years in the industry”

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“Dr. Rozen did an extraordinary job in helping our leaders understand the importance of staying focused and being intentional”

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“To be able to hear her speak and see that passion is something that I will hold onto for the rest of my life”

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“Dr. Rozen’s presentation was so insightful! It helped me understand people a lot better and I will follow The Three Golden Rules.”

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“This was the best event we’ve had in 12 years! “


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Following securing the date on Dr. Michelle's schedule, our team will coordinate a time with you for a call with Dr. Michelle in order to discuss your unique goals for the event so that she can customize all materials accordingly.

Content Preparation
Dr. Michelle does not believe in cookie cutter talks. Following your pre-event call, she takes the time to customize her talk and materials in order to address your event's goals in the most customized and actionable way.
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Leading Up with Dr. Michelle Rozen

About Dr. Michelle Rozen

Dr. Michelle Rozen, a.k.a The Change Doctor, is currently one of the most sought-after actionable speakers on leadership, motivation and change. Dr. Michelle is trusted by global brands such as Pfizer, Merrill Lynch, VMWare, Abbott, Moody’s, Coca Cola, and many more.

Dr. Michelle is much more than a PhD in Psychology or a powerful motivational speaker. She is a true game-changer for leading brands in engaging their teams and moving them to action in the most inspiring, insightful, and uplifting way. Rave reviews from the world’s leading brands and standing ovations time after time say it all. Dr. Michelle is a true gem in the world of motivation, and if you were lucky enough to hear her speak, the way you handle life, business and other people, will never be the same.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have.

Dr. Michelle is all about making impact and she creates that impact using highly customized, actionable and engaging experiences that are created specifically to meet your event’s goals. Her goal is to provide your team with what she calls- actionable motivation. In order words, Dr. Michelle inspires action. Whether you have a summit, a conference,  or any type of event, Dr. Michelle will set the tone for your event and will deliver powerful customized messages and tools for your attendees.

Picking the right change management speaker for your event will have a profound impact on your attendees. Rave reviews from top brands and standing ovations from top brands say it all! Dr. Michelle Rozen is your most trusted choice for creating maximum impact for your attendees and providing them with the most actionable change management tools they need, today more than ever.

Great news! Our team is super responsive, it’s just how we roll. You can call us, email us or send us a contact form- we promise to get back to you super quickly! Once we hear from you about your event, we will check Dr. Michelle’s availability and discuss with you logistics, booking information and most importantly, how we can best serve your event. Ready to get in touch? We’d love to connect!

Dr. Michelle is all about giving attendees the most up-to-date, current tools to lead through change with confidence, and her hand is on the pulse of the latest change management data always. Leading with empathy, emotional intelligence, and adopting a growth mindset as a leader, especially through change, are just a few out of the many current topics Dr. Michelle covers. Dr. Michelle’s actionable leading through change tools have helped leaders build agile, adaptable, motivated teams that thrive in business and life.

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