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Dr. Michelle creates memorable experiences that inspire growth in the healthcare industry.

America's #1 Healthcare Speaker is Here!

America's #1 Healthcare Speaker is Here!

Selecting the perfect healthcare speaker for your upcoming healthcare event is an important decision.

Dr. Michelle Rozen has delivered high energy, action-packed keynotes to many leading healthcare organizations, including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Virtua Health, HCA Healthcare, the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (AAPPR), American Physician Partners, Genesis Health and many more!

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Dr. Michelle engages and motivates the attendees, to turn your healthcare organization into a powerhouse.

Why is Dr. Michelle's Message Critical for Healthcare?

  • FIRST, the speed of change in new therapies, equipment and procedures demands that practitioners know how to adapt quickly and lead change with confidence.

  • SECOND, in this highly demanding field, the need for an uplifting and motivating experience is beyond important for dealing with burnout and stress.

  • Better outcomes and successful results are driven by knowing how to do things differently in order to get a different result, and becoming more mindful, intentional and knowledgeable on leading change with confidence in these rapidly changing and challenging times.

Dr. Michelle creates growth by utilizing powerful actionable takeaways, powerful stage presence, entertainment, and humor.

All of Dr. Michelle’s keynotes are highly customized in order to specifically meet your healthcare event's goals!

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Hi, I'm Michelle. Here's My Story:

My story with change began with a lot of frustration. Years ago I was a struggling working mom of three kids, I knew that I could be more—that I could do so much more. But I felt that the time was not right and I kept trying to wait for the right time.

I felt stuck and after a serious talk with one of my friends, I decided to take the first step and take control over my life.

So I enrolled back into college and got a Masters and Ph.D in psychology. I struggled to stay on track as a full time working mom and a full time student through a collapsing economy, but I wanted to graduate so badly, and just pushed myself forward. Ever since then, I became fascinated with the power of the human mind to break through barriers using the power of purpose, adaptation and focus. Everything I learned along my journey has allowed me to do what I do today.

Over the years, I have worked with leading healthcare organizations and my clients and attendees were able to do outstanding things that make me proud every day. Where do you stand? I would love to bring that energy and those powerful actionable takeaways to your team too!

Some Healthcare Organizations That Dr. Michelle Has Created Outstanding Experiences For!

“Dr. Rozen’s speech was incredibly valuable to our team and we really appreciated the strong, actionable takeaways!”

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“Our attendees loved the audience engagement and felt motivated, uplifted and empowered!”

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“Thank you, Dr. Rozen, for customizing the actionable takeaways to meet our goals for the event”

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"We had such phenomenal feedback from our leaders!"


See What Dr. Michelle’s Clients Say!

Let's Make Your Next Event Memorable!

See What Dr. Michelle’s Clients Say!

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